For the operation hours, please refer to description of each facilities.

Office / Security Room Opening Hours24 hours
Reception Service Hours8:00am to 6:00pm (Except Public Holidays and Weekends)
Business Hours of Management Office8:00am to 5:00pm (Except Public Holidays and Weekends)
Convenience store & CafeteriaFor the operation hours, please refer to description of each facilities.


We provide attentive service for visitors and meet your demands at the entrance on the ground floor. (Reception Service Hours : 8:00am to 6:00pm (Except Public Holidays and Weekends))

A fully air-conditioned lobby is available to take a break or hold a brief meeting. You are able to keep out of the heat in Myanmar. Our security guards stay at the entrance during the daytime for your security.

Car parking

We provide a Spacious Parking Lot which holds up to 98 cars for in-house tenants, visitors and event participants. Car parking monitoring is efficiently managed by our reliable security operators.


The Courtyard which is located in the center is about 700m2 assists you for rest and brief meeting complimentarily.
We recommend this fantastic place which is lit up at night too.


In the cafeteria, “SAARBRÜKEN RESTAURANT ” and “Yhet’s Deli-Labo” offer a variety of cuisines and drinks, including Japanese food. They also offer catering service for events.
There is an ATM beside cafeteria, which is available at anytime.
(Open from 10:00am to 4:00pm basically. Except Public Holidays and Weekends. ※Details of operation hour are different up to each restaurant.)

Convenience store

The convenience store has a variety of goods such as medicine, instant noodles and mobile phone top up cards.
(Open 8:00am to 6:00pm Except Public Holidays and Sunday.)


Toilets with electronic toilet seats and automatic wash basins, are located throughout building.
Smoking rooms are provided for smokers.
All amenities are cleaned several times a day to maintain a clean environment.

Information and telecommunication systems and countermeasures against power failures

The Internet is crucial for every business in this age of technology. Thus, Prime Hill Business Square offers two exclusive fiber optic lines for better transmission speed. These Internet connections are available to each tenant based on their individual internet contract.

Sometimes, in Myanmar, it takes for long to set up a new internet connection, but in Prime Hill Business Square, internet connections are pre-installed in each office. Tenants are assured to be able to use the Internet immediately.

PHBS Telecommunication is pre-installed in each room providing tenants with an unlimited number of IP phones.

To ensure a constant supply of utilities, there are two standby generators for emergency backup, water treatment, waste water treatment, etc.

Safety and security

We provide a 24 hour security system monitoring the entrance gate and the parking lot. Therefore, our in-house tenants and their guests do not need to worry about their safety and security while on our premises.

For the safety of tenants, PHBS has set up a planned evacuation system with crisis management, emergency response and evacuation teams. Furthermore, smoke detection and fire warning systems are installed as well.