Open ceiling space with a scenic view

Stress easing open space green courtyard area in the center of building is available to rest or facilitate brief meeting.

Convenience of Low rise

Four stories building with three wide emergency staircases help to evacuate effectively in emergency.

Tenant Relation

Quality service will deliver by efficient personnel to help tenants in daily operation collaborate with in house IT and M & E team.


Electricity & Blackout Backup System

Mainly distribute from YESC with transformer and 2-unit automatic kick in generators with diesel tank for non-interruption of power.

Air Conditioning and Ventilation System

Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) (City Multi inverter type) system with individual control for 24 hours use. No additional charges for holidays.

Lighting System

Ceiling mounted and 150VA/m² for lighting and OA outlets for office. Motion sensor control for common area lighting.

Water Supply System

Both YCDC and tube well water source with treating system, including RO & pH level control by both chemical treatment and filters, covering everyday with pH7 level.

Waste Water Management System

AMC-30 sewage treatment system and grease trap to control waste water level.

Fire Protection System

Addressable fire alarm system is installed in each office room. Hose reels and extinguishers as per fire department recommendation are provided on every floor of building. Equipped both electric and engine firewater pump with Firefighting ground tank.

Information & Telecommunication System

Prime Hill Business Square offers two exclusive fiber optic lines for better transmission speed and distribute secure connection through in house constructed sever to tenant dedicatedly. Tenants can use the internet from pre-installed internet facilities in each office immediately